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Predictive Maintenance
Heartland Infrared Predictive Maintenance Program

Heartland’s Predictive Maintenance Program is both COST EFFECTIVE and HIGHLY VALUABLE.  Anytime a problem can be located and fixed, pre-mature to a catastrophic failure, will save time and money in more ways than one. That is the exact purpose of our Predictive Maintenance Program…to save you time and money. Infrared Thermography Inspections will help Re-Active approaches move toward being more Pro-Active.

Pro-Active vs. Re-Active
In most any situation taking a pro-active approach to maintenance will save money. In fact a study was conducted by The Hartford Insurance Company that revealed for every $1 spent on an infrared inspection there will be a $4 return in savings on material and labor to fix a problem before it fails. This ratio would increase to $20 saved for $1 spent if you factor in production losses, ruined products and lost labor.

Inspection Frequency
Based on the recommendations of the NFPA in the publication NFPA70B, Heartland’s clients typically choose to inspect their facilities annually. However any equipment that is critical to the facilities operations are inspected more frequently.

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