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Thermography Services
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Water infiltration into low slope roofing systems causes changes in the thermal properties of the roofing system. Usually conducted at night, thermal imaging is capable of detecting evidence of latent moisture due to changes in either the thermal conductivity and/or thermal capacitance of the roofing system.

In other words, we can find any wet or damaged insulation that could be compromising your roofing system. Once the inspection is completed we can formulate a plan to "Restore" your roof at a fraction of the cost of a replacement and extend its life 5-15 years.

What Can Be Detected:
Identify latent moisture
Missing, damaged, or improperly installed insulation

pinpoint water-damaged roof areas quickly and accurately
perform quality assurance inspections of new or retrofitted systems
eliminate unnecessary replacement of good roof
identify problems early before they become large and costly
help extend the life of the existing roof

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