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Thermography Services
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Any time moisture finds its way into building materials the structural integrity of the building is compromised, and the chance of mold infestation greatly increases. If this water intrusion is not found and properly repaired, devestating destruction is bound to occur.The best known method for locating and documenting moisture is infrared thermography. Due to its graphic nature and vivid imagery, infrared thermography provides the greatest possibility of locating most of the damaged areas. Traditional methods of daylight photos and moisture meter tests, though beneficial, never show the full extent of the damage.

With our Water Intrusion Investigations, we utilize infrared thermography, daylight photos and moisture meter tests. Providing our customers with an extremely thorough investigation and report. After the initial inspection is complete we formulate a plan to properly repair all damaged areas and re-inspect to ensure the proplem has been remedied.

Whether you are the property owner/manager investigating a problem, an insurance company investigating a claim, or are looking to buy or sell the property, we are certain you will benefit from an infrared investigation.
Water Intrusion Investigation